Alia Bhatt On Being Invited To Be Part Of Oscars Academy

'Honoured And Humbled': Alia Bhatt On Being Invited To Be Part Of Oscars Academy

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  • “I truly believe that cinema, like water, finds its level,” wrote Alia
  • “And, like water, it knows no race, class,” she added
  • “Movies are the glue that binds us,” wrote Alia

New Delhi:

Actress Alia Bhatt is among the new list of celebs, who received invites to be part of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences this year. Just a day after the Oscars Academy shared the full list of invitees comprising celebs from the entertainment fraternity across the world, Alia shared a statement on social media, saying she’s “honoured” to have been chosen. “I thank the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for inviting me to be a member of the Academy. I feel honoured and humbled,” read the 27-year-old actor’s post. The Academy has also sent invites to actor Hrithik Roshan, documentary filmmakers Nishtha Jain and Amit Madheshiya, designer Neeta Lulla, casting director Nandini Shrikent, visual effects supervisors Vishal Anand and Sandeep Kamal this year.

In her note, Alia Bhatt wrote about Indian cinema getting more and more recognition on the global stage with each passing year: “There is also a deep satisfaction in seeing that the voice of Indian cinema is finding a very well deserved platform on the world stage. Every year, more actors, filmmakers and technicians from India are recognised by the Academy and Indian cinema continues to reach the hearts and homes of people all over the world.”

Alia also wrote about how the essence of films is not restricted by cast or class and is a “unifying force”: “I truly believe that cinema, like water, finds its level. And, like water, it knows no race, class, border or geography and flows freely. It takes everything in its course: audiences, who passionately love or hate it, critics who dissect it, students who immerse themselves in it. Our opinions about films may be divided, but cinema as a whole is a powerful binding and unifying force.

Alia concluded her post on a wonderful note, describing films as the force that binds people from across the world together: “In a world that can be unsure and fragmented, at a time when the very social media that is meant to connect people ends up dividing them, movies are the glue that binds us.”

The Academy, in their bio, identified Alia Bhatt with some of her critically acclaimed films such as Raazi and Gully Boy, which was India’s official entry for the 2020 Oscars but couldn’t make it to the final list.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ this year’s list of invitees comprise 36% people of color and 45% women, which is in attempt to boost diversity among Oscars nominees. Invitations were also sent out to The Farewell star Awkwafina, who was snubbed at the Oscars this year, Eva Longoria, Joker actor Zazie Beetz and would-be Bond girl Ana de Armas. Disney child star Zendaya (for Spider-Man: Far from Home) and Constance Wu, best-known for her performances in Hustlers and Crazy Rich Asians.

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