Salman Khan Reveals About The Time When Father Salim Khan Took His Punishment At School

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In a viral video, Salman Khan can be seen confessing that he once had gotten into trouble at school and his father Salim Khan took his punishment instead. During an interaction on the chat show The Kapil Sharma Show, the actor revealed that he was being punished at school for paying the fees late.

When Salim Khan Took Salmans Punishment At School

It seems like the video is from before the release of Salman and Katrina Kaif-starrer Bharat. The actor was present at the chat show to promote the upcoming film with the lead actress, when he talked about the incident. Salman in the video said, “One day, my father was returning from work, and he saw me standing outside class. He asked, ‘What did you do now?’ I said, ‘Nothing, daddy. I don’t know why the principal came and asked me to stand under the flagpole. I have been standing here all day.’ I was in the fourth grade at the time.”

Salman Khan Recalls Being Punished At School

Salman Khan Recalls Being Punished At School

Khan went on to reveal that when his father found out why Salman was being punished, he stood under the flagpole as punishment. “‘He is not supposed to pay the fees, I am. You are supposed to keep him in class. I am running short of money. I will pay the fees but right now, if you need to punish, you need to punish me.’ So he went and stood under the flagpole,” Salman recalled the incident.

Salman Khan Recalls Being Hit By Brother Arbaaz

Salman Khan Recalls Being Hit By Brother Arbaaz

The actor also shared a hilarious incident from his childhood during the episode. He revealed that when he was younger, his brother Arbaaz Khan had broken Salman’s teeth. Salman added, “Ya he had chipped my two front teeth. I think for a while I even did some modelling with the chipped teeth.”

Coming back to Salim Khan, Salman is currently staying away from his father during the lockdown, and they also celebrated Eid away from each other. While talking about the celebration this year, Salim Khan told TOI, “He has been spending a lot of time there. I just spoke with him today on the phone and we exchanged wishes. We are always in touch with each other through our regular phone calls.”

Salman Khan Released Three Songs During Lockdown

Salman Khan Released Three Songs During Lockdown

Salman is staying at his Panvel farmhouse and is keeping himself busy by making music videos and working out. The actor has also been active in providing financial and other aid to the needy during India’s fight against Coronavirus.

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